Imbolc, New Years, and focusing on you

One of my coven members and I were discussing changes we want for the new year, and I mentioned picking a yearly word to keep in mind and focus on as much as possible. It is a goal word, something to push you forward. I had a lot of trouble with my word this year….

What do you write about in your first blog post?

“You should write a blog.” My mother sounds encouraging, serious, and naive. I roll my eyes (because I’m on the phone and she can’t see me), and try to brush her off. “I mean it, you’re life is interesting, and you can talk about stuff that you learn!” I scowl and try to explain to…

I had a friend. I did not want to miss him. There are many people who I don’t believe deserve my thoughts and “missings”. Deserve, I say,  as if I decide the importance of anything or anyone other than me. Cycles and change and the same changes in different lights flowing always ever in a circle….

On writing and writhing and hollow hollow hollows

I am frustrated immensely that my writing is filled to the brink with wanting to write. As though the only things I can find are crumbs of longing. I dance around words, begging for their kiss, their movement, their air. I am pushing ahead into my life and I feel as though I am dragging…

Poem a Day – 21

“water as imagery” his dress weighted like water, drowned in fabric. a lovely lilac to his bronze mane. his smiles lays greedily on display, for in the mirror, his reflection at last. works @awitchsnest

Poem a Day – 20

“a tarot card” The Sun pricking of a pink breeze drifts from inside my chest, follies by yellow and screaming orange. the sun engulfed in  a child, a woman who is the sun. grasping for blinded joy, before the softness of life settles. works by @awitchsnest

Poem a Day – 19

“list of questions for someone” Mother when you were small what did you think life was? and what color were it’s walls? did you day dream of sweet dandelion princes and dancing nights? were you shocked by the different color? did you write words to count your days? are you happy, afterwards? now that you…

Poem a Day – 18

“acrostic poem” A little library of grief Tethered to the hollow ringing of Her spine. Even though she burned the pages No words would sleep, And grief is a friend, lifelong. works by @awitchsnest

Poem a Day – 17

“Newspaper headlines about your life” Father’s are shitty sometimes. Does society breed violent men? The answer will not shock you. Girl realizes they are not a cis girl. witchcraft is what little girls do in the backyard. don’t set the books on fire – you’ll need them later. works by @awitchsnest